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No one cares more about your money than you do. That’s why VectorVest gives you all the information you need to make faster, smarter, better investing decisions.

VectorVest doesn’t give you data. VectorVest gives you answers. Which would you rather have?

Before you invest, check VectorVest!
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Free Application, Click here to download
Free Application, Click here to download
Key Features
  • Take the guesswork out of your investing – Automatic ranking for Value, Safety and Timing takes the guesswork out of owning the best stocks and selling or avoiding the worst.
  • Your next big winner is just a tap away – Premium WatchLists give you direct, non-stop access to top-performing stock ideas.
  • Tired of being blind-sided by the market? VectorVest’s Proprietary Market Timing Gauge shows you when it’s time to buy…and warns you when it’s NOT time to buy.
  • Don’t go it alone! Our Daily Market Guidance helps you keep your portfolio on the right side of the market.
  • Exclusive graphing! Dynamic stock graphs stand out from the crowd with VectorVest’s intuitive trend indicator.
  • No opinions, no emotions – Get straight-forward, unbiased Buy/Sell/Hold ratings on every stock, every day.
Proven Market Timing

Most importantly, it’s not just what you buy, it’s when you buy.

VectorVest’s 29-year history as a leader in the financial industry has resulted in a real-world, tested and proven Market Timing System that you can trust…instead of the wild, ratings-driven predictions spouted by “experts.”

You get simple and effective, rule-based signals that help you keep your portfolio on the right side of the market.

It’s simple: the Market Timing Gauge works like a traffic light. You’ll understand instantly when to buy & when NOT to buy.

Don’t stop there though – VectorVest’s Market Guidance Daily Video gives you the latest, in-depth expert guidance with a personal touch.

Award-Winning Stock Analysis & Ranking

In 2002, University of Chicago Graduate School of Business performed an independent study on the effectiveness of VectorVest’s ranking system. The findings? “Extremely amazing returns.” Since then, VectorVest has been the recipient of numerous Stocks & Commodities Reader’s Choice nominations and awards.

The secret to VectorVest’s success lies in its proprietary indicators. Behind the scenes, complex algorithms take care of all the tedious research and data crunching, so you can make faster, smarter, better decisions.

Instead of drowning in data, you get simple answers on what a stock is worth, how safe it is and when to buy, sell or hold. Best of all, every list of stocks comes automatically ranked, so that the stocks with the best combination of value, safety and timing are instantly spotlighted.

Premium Stock WatchLists

Where do you turn to find stocks? The internet? TV? Newsletters?

The internet can be a free source, but who do you trust? Which “experts” know what they’re talking about, and which ones are blowing smoke?

Now, you will have access to a new source, a better source – VectorVest’s Premium WatchLists.

You get complete access to more than a dozen of VectorVest’s top-performing stock lists. Each list is powered by a specialty search that runs non-stop on VectorVest’s database to find and deliver the best stocks.

You’ll always have the latest and greatest stock picks any time you need them!

Exclusive Stock Graphs

Graphs reveal the DNA of a company – what you see is what you get!

VectorVest’s dynamic graphs are simple, yet powerful. Display the buy/sell/hold ratings for any stock or add VectorVest’s unique Relative Timing Trend Indicator to spot potential reversals before they happen.